Who are we?

The new smart bathroom brand SEEWIN, adhering to the product aesthetics of the German design gene “less is more”, subdivided the three major product line boutique strategy, focusing on the beauty of sensual design and the beauty of rational technology, is committed to creating humanity for users. A new experience of smart bathroom.

"Only for freedom, Live for freedom." is not only the brand idea of SEEWIN, but also the essence of team culture inside SEEWIN.

The beauty of design

SEEWIN’s design team comes from Stuttgart, which is German’s design capital of high level sanitary and car design.

Each of SEEWIN’s designer is outstanding. They’re from the field of automotive design, lighting design and world-renowned brand of mobile phone design. They bring advanced ideas and experience into the traditional sanitary industry. They have extraordinary understanding of bathroom space experience, hoping to bring innovative intelligent bathroom experience.

The wisdom of technology

SEEWIN’s insight: artificial intelligence and data technology have a broad impact on the future quality of Chinese-style family health.

Since the day the brand was founded, we have taken the core technology as the foundation of the team. The founder team inspected Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Munich, Stuttgart, Finland and many other innovative companies, the beauty of technology and the beauty of design, naturally integrated into the humanized user experience as the core of the product technology experience.