SEEWIN Service is committed to solving all the worries of users in the use of smart toilet,
providing a smart bathroom service experience that exceeds expectations and redefining
the new experience of healthy lifestyle brought by technology.

risk service,

Since the purchase of any SEEWIN bathroom products, during the warranty period, we will provide you with a full-worry service. Customers who purchase SEEWIN smart bathroom products at SEEWIN offline stores and Tmall flagship stores enjoy the whole process of worry-free one-stop service in pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales phases, including free shipping, free installation, free of charge. Power transformation service.

year regular

We will remind you in the birthday of the month to carry out the maintenance of smart bathroom products, and carry out all kinds of inspections and lossy parts replacement for dozens of SEEWIN smart products you purchased. Upgrade to a worry-free service package, enjoy 5 years of free maintenance service, so that your bathroom space SEEWIN smart products are always new.

years free

Each SEEWIN smart bathroom product will receive our 5-year 360-degree free warranty service. Let you feel more relaxed and relaxed, free from all worries, peace of mind, safety and health of using SEEWIN smart bathroom products.