New thinking, New
attitude, New idea

As a new brand in the field of sanitary, SEEWIN praises new thinking and continuously innovative idea of sanitary technology since the date of founding. The essence of great design goes far beyond the mechanical sum of its different parts.

Therefore, SEEWIN attaches great importance to every dimension of the product, including the design, material, function, appearance and so on.

The product created by SEEWIN is combined with practicality, comfort and friendly experience after making the details exquisite and beautiful. The birth of every product is a huge achievement.

Innovative technology
German process standard

SEEWIN introduces German industrial standard 4.0, adheres to the attitude of craftsmen striving for excellence and the famous German seiko manufacturing concept on the base of international vision. Through the continuously innovative of sanitary technology and ingenious humanized design, SEEWIN awakes the most primitive emotion and the pursuit of freedom, and advocates humanized intelligent sanitary.

German design gene

SEEWIN’s design team comes from Stuttgart, which is German’s design capital of high level sanitary and car design.

Each of SEEWIN’s designer is outstanding. They’re from the field of automotive design, lighting design and world-renowned brand of mobile phone design. They bring advanced ideas and experience into the traditional sanitary industry. They have extraordinary understanding of bathroom space experience, hoping to bring innovative intelligent bathroom experience.

Humanized sanitary

SEEWIN focuses on the value of new technology and humanistic care, devotes itself to the manufacture of exquisite products, provides intelligent and friendly humanized experience for families all over the world, and aspires to become an innovative and reliable sanitary brand supplier in the sanitary industry.